To empower crime victims to find strength in their stories and work toward creating a violence-free society through social education.


  • To educate through storytelling
  • To empower crime victims as educators
  • To create change within the field of criminal justice

Become a Speaker

  • The COVA Speakers Bureau members identify themselves as victims or survivors of crime or as a person touched by crime. It is important that members of the CSB represent the diversity of crime victims in our community, including but not limited to, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, physical and mental ability, racial and ethnic background, and victimization.

Attendance at quarterly meetings is required and participation in speaking engagements is on an as-needed basis.

Request a Speaker

For further information contact:
Ami McCarthy at 303-996-8082 or ami@coloradocrimevictims.org
Kirsten Logan at 720-399-8281 or kirsten@coloradocrimevictims.org

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