The purpose of the speaker program is to provide a space for victims and survivors to speak their truth, increase public awareness, and share their experience in public forums to educate elected officials. We welcome victims and survivors of crime who feel comfortable sharing their experience in public forums or written materials. Safety and healing are a top priority, and we want each coalition member to consider their healing journey and current safety before sharing their truth through public speaking. 


The principles of this coalition are as follows:

  • Diversity and Inclusivity – The coalition embraces victims and survivors of crime. We will gather speakers that can resonate with an array of audience members and have varied lived experience. The coalition recognizes systemic discrimination and white supremacy in our culture and systems.
  • Confidentiality – The coalition will not identify any members without informed consent.
  • Informed Consent – The presenter will be provided with as much information as possible about the speaking engagement and they can identify their comfort level for each request.
  • Safety – The coalition will work with presenters to safeguard physical, emotional, and psychological safety.
  • Collaboration – The coalition will work with presenters regarding speaking engagements and recognizes they are the expert in their life. Speakers are invited to provide feedback on the speaking engagements and coalition.
  • Empowerment – Speakers are encouraged to share their story to their comfort level. Speakers will determine their ability to engage in storytelling and to the level of detail they wish.
  • Trauma Informed/Survivor Centered – The coalition encourages survivors’s choices and uplifts healing through storytelling. 


Become a Speaker

  • Requests for speaking engagements will be sent via email and members are requested to respond promptly. Members will be asked to speak primarily at the state Capitol and events throughout the state of Colorado. Members can provide testimony in person, virtually, or written testimony.
  • Members will be offered debriefing after each speaking engagement and regular check-ins. Member can develop a safety plan with program staff or through referral advocacy program.
  • Members are asked to arrive 15 minutes early to the engagement, dependent on the needs of the event.
  • If the member is unable to attend the event, please contact the public policy director as soon as possible.

For further information contact:

Courtney Sutton, Public Policy Director

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